Complimentary meet and greet before services

Single Walk – $10 for a single dog

$15 for multiple dogs
Route, duration, and destination(s) of walk is specified by owner.
Feeding and filling water bowls is also an option if requested.

Multiple Walks – $15 for a single dog

$25 for multiple dogs.
Owners must specify times for walks (2-3 walks per day as needed), Feeding and filling water bowls is also an option if requested.

Overnight Care – $35 per day
$40 after 7 p.m.

Taking dog(s) out several times a day (as specified by owner), playing, feeding, and filling water bowls. (Food must be pre-prepared by owner.)


Hi, I’m Taryn Stradtner.

I am a lover of all animals (especially the fluffy ones), and have not been a day in my life without a dog; a whole 18 years! I am extremely responsible, having being raised in a family that values hard work and accountability.

My family has two dogs of our own, Maggie (our namesake), a 12 year old chocolate Lab, and Pepper, an 8 year old Brittany Spaniel Lab mix. Maggie, our beloved family dog, has not stopped wagging her tail since she was a puppy, and has no plans to stop. Often, much to our amusement, she uses it as a weapon to hit our knees and get our attention when she wants something.

I travel full-time on the road with my family of eight (parents, three brothers and two dogs) and have visited all of the lower 48 states over the course of the past six years. On the road, many families want to go out on adventures, but either miss out on experiences because they have to return to take their dogs out, or they can’t bring their dogs with them. It’s a joy for me to be able to care for dogs while their families are out having adventures and making memories.

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